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Hi Roy! I used to live in LA and would see you at your restaurants quite frequently (POT, Alibi Room) just hanging out and seeing how things were going. I really loved that you would actually be there checking things out on a regular basis.

2 questions: - do you go to your restaurants on a specific schedule each week, or just as issues arise? What’s your day-to-day? - what’s the craziest/funniest/weirdest thing that happened at one of your restaurants when you dropped by to observe one night?

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As someone with no computer training but an interest in computers, programming, and a big fan of your simulations, what do you think a good jumping off point is to learn programming? What did you start with/what kick-started your eventual career in computers?

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We read your piece aloud yesterday and laughed non stop! Then we tried to find you and could only come up with your Asian wiki page. When will it be presented as a US version? We want to "claim" you as ours!

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Hi Jason!! I'm a huge fan of you and your company and I have great things about your leadership style. What advice do you have for aspiring leaders that would one day like to start their own company?

Thanks for the AMA!!