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It will last longer than you expect. There is no shortage of horny men, and no shortage of different tastes either.

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To be honest, you should've first drilled it into him. Habits are hard to learn, and can only be done by practice. I tend to do this by letting someone play with unloaded firearm, and correct every single thing they do wrong. Once it's done enough, they get the gist of it.

IPSC (not sure what's the name in US, it's different) has a great gun discipline. Firearm is loaded only when on the spot from which shooting starts, muzzle is always downrange, finger is off the trigger while moving and drawing, once stage is finished gun is unloaded and only than you can leave the range. Any deviation from these rules results in an immediate and undisputed DQ.

I'm preaching to the choir, but you need to do much, much better in teaching friends how to handle firearms. It is the duty of all firearm owners to be over the top disciplined, because the reason guns are despised by many is the fact that many owners are irresponsible - just like you were. Sorry, and quick recovery to you !

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Do you fellas in North America have internet, or cellphone reception ? Are you aware of the thing called "news", do you get that up there ?

LOOK AT THE FUCKING ITALY AND DO THE MATH! Stop fucking around like nothing is gonna happen and stop "discussing" shit and get the hammers out, you need drastic measures right now ! US is firmly sitting on their asses with hospitals slowly but surely getting fucked, and you Canadians haven't yet passed a nationwide law against any sort of public gatherings/crowds ? Seriously, get your shit together.

This is a rant, and it's not directed towards OP who has made a rational, sensible and selfless decision. If everyone thought like this, we'd be in final stages of epidemy now.

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Seriously, I'm appaled at the way things are being handled there. Italy is bordering chaos right now (they're severely undisciplined, admittedly), but at least some laws are being put into place. The economy has already taken a hit, that's over, the only thing that matters for economy right now is how long it will last... And according to a specialist, under current conditions in US, it may last for 18 months. 18.

Isolate, take the hit, stop the spread and treat the ones already infected, and you have almost stopped the infection, or at the very least slowed it down enough so every new severe case can, you know, breathe.

Once again I salute you and your awareness, and doing the right thing. This will probably ring a bit, and I honestly suspect you will be recognized a hero down the line, someone who spoke up and argued the idea that profits outweigh the lives.