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So now we know why early man came down from the trees.

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I had a friend who served some time in prison.

He said he once saw a young punk pick on a 50-year-old guy while they were doing some crafts. Kept bugging the old guy over and over again - guess he was trying to show he was tough.

Suddenly the old guy made his calculated move, poked the eyes of the young punk with something sharp - seriously injured his eyes, probably blinded him. The young guy was crying, blood was coming out of his eyes...

Old guy just went back to doing what he was doing.

TL;DR: Don't fuck with a lifer. He's already there for life.

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But the illegal immigrants to Sealand pay sales taxes and only do the work that lazy Sealandians won't do!!!

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You don't know how much he owes Sallie Mae...

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Have you ever wrapped sweet potato or taro and put it next to a lava flow and come back an hour later to retrieve it for lunch?