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Are you planning on working on other systemic reforms like gerrymandering? Given Republican dominance in state legislatures, this seems like a top priority.

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Hey trickycoyote – I work with Ben at Change and can answer at least the first part of your question. Our vision is a world in which no one is powerless and creating change is part of daily life. That's when the mission is accomplished: when people everywhere know how and where to effectively create change, and they're doing so on a regular basis. It's basically when we reach a point that ordinary people all over the world have a real say in the decisions that affect their lives.

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hockeycrazy033, I work at Change and can take this one. You can check out our featured victories page, which shows some of the more well-known successes: http://www.change.org/victories.

I personally prefer the "recent victories" tab, 'cause you get a sense of some of the more local victories that you don't hear about in the news. In terms of stats, more than 25 million people have joined a petition on Change.org that's gone on to win (and by that, we mean the decision maker on the petition has done what they were being asked to do).