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What’s been your scariest moment when challenging the federal government?

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I'm in full support of your work, and the BLM movement. I believe steps you've outlined are absolutely crucial to trust and support police departments in the US. My concern is we get a few months/years/decades down the line. We've had police reform, and things are comparable to that of our European/Canadian allies. Less militarized police force, transparency, community policing that's appropriate and reflective.

How do we combat the argument if another major mass shooting takes place? I understand that within reason there will be specialized forces to deal with this, but how do we control the conversation that undoubtedly will unfold towards rearming and protecting our police? I don't see how police militarization is not directly related to the 2nd ammendment, eventually.

By no means am I trying to distract or discredit absolutely anything you or BLM is doing. I'm just trying to be prepared for the inevitable debate. So we can win.