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What effect did it have on the children to find out what they believed and had been told weren't true? Did it have good/bad influence on them and how did it affect the parent-child relationship, if at all?

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My parents didn't tell me about santa. I don't know how widespread the belief in santa is in Denmark - not as much as in America, based mostly on the Christmas movies I've seen, which I know is hardly a source, and some youtube videos. I'd say that there in Denmark there's a higher focus on the mythology of and nurturing of a belief in nisser, at least in the Christmas entertainment. Anyway, we lived in Nepal from I was 1-4 and the climate in Nepal didn't fit the story of Santa. I don't know if that's the reason, but the first time my dad talked to us about santa actually leaving us gifts I was five, heard him stomping under the table, and knew it was fake. On top of that we open the presents the 24th in Denmark, so it's really impratical for Santa to leave presents without anyone noticing. So in conclusion, yeah, we heard about santa, knew who it was, saw him in Christmas tv, but he was never mistaken for being anything else than a fictional character. As far as I recall.

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Wauw. Very interesting! Might have to hit up your book.