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Yeah addicts are people. I have met some aggressive ones I guess you could call them but they are usually too busy just surviving to do any harm. I think that’s the point of your documentary right? To view addicts as people which they are. I am a recovering addict so I kinda know. I have met some very intelligent, beautiful people who also happen to be addicts.

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If I was a teacher and wanted to teach that sounds awful but you make it kinda sound fun if I wanted to just go good off in Thailand for a while.

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Do you feel you are better musicians now?

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Right on. It’s a tough fight but Oregon is doing it right. Treat addicts as people not criminals.

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Hello. I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and I have a constant pressure machine. Even though I am used to it now I do not really like it. My doctor also said I am not a good candidate for the surgery. Have you ever seen a patient with sleep apnea return to normal sleeping patterns without treatments or surgery? I am not obese and I do not smoke so lifestyle changes (other than more exercise ) might not help.