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How did you learn to translate "live"? Although I'm fluent in three languages, I struggle with translation and keep having to think of the simplest of words. Although I know the words in each language, it's like the connection between the languages is difficult. Does this come with practice or do you have to have the right kind of mind for it?

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I always think of this as a child believing in Santa. Once they realize Santa isn't real, they could never "fall back" into believing he is real. Truth is always permanent.

There are many stories of people who went from hatred to love. I've never heard of it happening the other way around.

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My guess is that in India, meditation is a common practice and the culture there doesn't train the mind to constantly look outwards as much as it does in the West. When the mind is constantly looking outwards, it is thinking, and being distracted, and cannot tune into the inner world. When it is looking inwards, it's able to let go and relax without distracting thoughts.

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Would you consider a prion to be, to any degree, a form of life? Is there any debate about it? I know it is debated whether a virus is ultimately alive or not as it replicates, but not on its own. So, similarly, a prion "replicates", or more like "creates other prions". Would it fulfill the definition of life?

Otherwise, would a prion be a kind of Von Neumann machine?

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I believe free will is like when you watch a movie, and you see the characters on screen making decisions that appear to be free will. However, you know very well how the movie ends and thus their is no free will, but in the movie, within the boundaries of the story line's rules, there is free will, but not at a higher level (the level of our physical non-movie world). Could it be that our free will is similar?