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Given that Jacqui Lambie has recently admitted her own son is an ice addict and has suggested extreme measures like forced detox, what policies would the Greens suggest in place of her radical ideas? And do you think that Lambie would work with you on suitable reform?

higgo19 karma

What is the possible motivation for locking Australia into FttN/MTM over FttP?

higgo3 karma

Hi Scott. For years the Murdock media empire has mislead the public with manufactured hatred against asylum seekers, climate change and even the image of the Greens party. I believe that this rhetoric is dumbing down the Australian public and used to promote a business and political agenda. What is your sentiment on this topic and would you have any future policies that would promote a level playing field?

Also thank you for representing the people. You have inspired me and made me believe that there is a politician who actually cares.