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There has been a lot of that! Much of our current gameplay came from unexpected uses of features, e.g. the wings and other flight themed pieces.

We didn't originally plan to have proper flight, but we discovered our rocket boosters could be pointed downwards and it was fun to see how far you could fly on 1 tank of fuel. Then we thought of wings. Then ailerons, a tail, a rudder...

We're trying to go where the fun leads us :)

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hey folks, just so you know, we just got funded! what do y'all think of that? :D

first stretch goal is a whole new corporation! let's do this

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We must watch this video!

The AI is certainly placeholder, it's one of the areas where we have a lot of work to do. Right now it's just enough to demo the core mechanics of building and scavenging, but as we start introducing the advanced cooperative AI features it's going to get a lot more interesting!

No need for a key, grab the demo for free! This one's on me: http://store.steampowered.com/app/285920 ;)

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thank you for asking awesome questions ;)

we recently added a Sumo Showdown mode where players build huge mega-tanks and try to push/shoot each other off a platform. the code used for animating our big drills and digger scoops is quite hacky at the moment, so when the big tanks tangle, sometimes the physics glitches and they get thrown violently out of the ring.

it's basically broken, but looks like amazing jujitsu throws. FEATURE.

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we're aware of KSP, though we haven't had a chance to play the game, so couldn't say what their mistakes are - but they are obviously doing something right!

TerraTech is in a different genre through, it's a game of exploration, combat and strategy as well as the vehicle building stuff. In TT you explore an alien world and build machines to collect resources, which you refine to unlock and build new parts.

There's no separate building mode you continually build and rebuild and control a fleet of vehicles, switching between them at will.

We are on Unity, which means we are using PhysX. We use a few simplifications to control performance overheads, for example when we add blocks to a vehicle it joins on to the same rigid body. That means we don't have large numbers of joints to simulate

Awesome questions, thank you!