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Interpol didn't chase your family out of Slovakia, nor did they steal your assets. It's an organization that coordinates information from one state's police forces to another's. It only has 600-ish employees.

Also, your mother was in with a pretty bad guy. You had a horrible childhood that I wouldn't wish on anybody. Your personal life is pretty interesting, and I wouldn't mind reading about it. But I think your understanding of the politics going on is a bit whitewashed. If you ever do write a book, I hope you consult with an expert in Slovakia's political landscape at that time.

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The government issued an arrest warrant for my father accusing him of embezzlement and illegally privatizing the spa for his own personal gain.

For anybody unsure of the history, privatizations during the 1990s in Slovakia were rife with asset stripping (selling assets for personal profit). It's a corrupt activity that happens a lot when a state is converting its economy from command to market.

According to this source, OP's father (at least, I'm assuming it's his father) Karol Martinka ultimately (allegedly) cost the government 602 million Slovak crowns. That's $USD 25 million, in today's dollars. I have no clue what the inflation-adjusted amount would be.

It's an interesting story, but not much is out there in English. Unfortunately, it sounds like typical post-Soviet corruption. :|

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It's one of the few "laws" of political theory that first past the post electoral systems lead to two party states. It's much more difficult to go from two party to multiparty systems, than the other way around.

It can happen, like with the UK, but the US has never really had a stable third party. So it probably never will, even if we move to some PR electoral system. The political culture is very entreched; people would still identify D or R for a very long time.

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While the domestic surveillance program should be stopped, it's a big leap to say the NSA should be abolished if it's not. The NSA is absolutely essential to the SIGINT capabilities of the US, and SIGINT does contribute massively to national security.

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Wow this was like reading a plot for a movie.

I would probably watch this movie. OP make it happen.