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Governor, what can the president do right now to best help the state?

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Hello this is my first question to an AMA.

Do you feel you are better or worse off for taking prescription medications?

I'm sorry if this question is out of line, please let me know. I'm genuinely curious.

Another way of asking, in your experience what would you say to someone nervous about taking medications but would like to seek help?

I wish you all the best on your continued journey to awesomeness!

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I think this is where the United States needs to step up. Mental health awareness and treatment.

I feel if folks were not scared financially of dedicating a fair amount of time on mental health than we all likely would take better care of ourselves.

My thoughts are if one is aware of the trial and error involved to get it right, it may not seem possible for those living pay check to pay check to seek help.

Great job bringing awareness. This isn't a question directed at anyone, I'm just sharing my thoughts.

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Thanks a lot for your thoughtful response.

I'm sure that will be truly great advice for many!

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Much appreciated sir!

I'm in Michigan and people are freaking out. I wish people would make this virus less about politics, and more about humanity. Thank you for your time.