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I know people get fired for missing too many productivity goals even when lost time is due to bathroom breaks.

Have you heard of anyone getting fired because they got caught meeting those goals by peeing in bottles?

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My furnace went out recently and I had an HVAC service out to look at it. They noted that the duct work isn't properly braced, the under-home furnace is sitting on the ground and there isn't lighting or an outlet available, and there isn't sufficient access or clearance. All issues that cause everything to not be up to code. My gas & electric company won't even look at it because they consider the access to be unsafe. The house wasn't an as-is and was inspected prior to purchase 5 years ago. Going back and looking at the inspection reports, the ONLY thing noted is that the duct work is disconnected at one junction. Is there any recourse for this with the inspector? I contacted my real estate agent and the response was "well, I was mostly worried about making sure there weren't termites." Looking at spending several thousands of dollars in repairs and permits and I'm so frustrated that I wasn't even made aware of the issue.

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The house was built in 1924 in Oakland, CA. The inspector was one that my real estate agent recommended that I had paid for. There was a secondary inspection done by my agent's general contractor that was to give us a bid on the work that needed to be done that I didn't trust because it said a lot of the issues from the first inspection were just cosmetic or simply weren't there.

I was probably a bit too trusting going into the whole process, but I was 22 and trying to move quickly because my parents were losing their home and buying at that point was considerably cheaper than renting.

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I used to work at Boston Market in the late 90s. What advances in shoving-rods-up-chickens technology have I missed in the last 20 years?

Do you like that little chunk of dark meat on the back near the thigh? I like to flip the chicken breast down so the dark meat isn't where the nasty jelly goop forms on the bottom.