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He's a joke cover artist. He became talentless, but I remember way back when Mencia's material wasn't half-bad. Not good enough to justify his popularity at its peak, but not "talentless". I think fame got to his head though and he started phoning it in, thinking he could replicate Chapelle's success by simply "pushing the envelope" (which even at that he failed) with the "that's right i went there" attitude without supplying anything further in terms of humor, satire, or social commentary--which is what made Chapelle successful in his time.

The way I see it, when Chapelle refused to continue being CC's black court jester, Mencia jumped at the opportunity to be CC's brown court jester, without realizing that people loved Chapelle for many reasons apart from those. So take Chapelle and remove the integrity, wit, and comedic judgment, and what's left is Carlos Mencia.

BTW, Joe Rogan you rock

EDIT: This started out as a clarification of OC's use of the term "joke stealer" but kind of blossomed into a personal theory on the plight of Mencia that in no way represents Mr. Rogan's feelings on the matter. That is all.

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You'd reap so much karma if you took a photo of one of these lessons

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Once you visited Austin and my gf and I got blowup dolls signed by you. Fastforward about a year or so later, my landlord is showing my apartment to prospective tenants and the blowup dolls are in my living room in plain sight. He was very upset about that. Thank you for everything.

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Remember that episode of the Newsroom when everyone was at a party at Will's luxury apartment and then some news broke (Osama killed) and everyone left the party and hauled ass to work?

I don't know of many workplaces where people would voluntarily leave a party in the middle of the night and go to the office.

Is that real life, for you?

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Pretty likely too since a few battle pass challenges require it