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I think part of the problem is that people don't trust companies to dispose of the waste safely even if it is possible as most companies will cut corners to turn a profit as long as they know they wont get caught or if they do the fine will be less than the cost of safe disposal.

So what would you change to ensure that companies do do the right thing in respects to disposal and safety?

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I'm a 28m with BPD and the stigma is very real, I find it uniquely difficult as a man with the disorder as well as societal it's frowned upon for men to show emotion or have much of an emotional range and due to the disorder I have a huge emotional range that I guess I end up suppressing or comforting.

It's also difficult to deal with on a day to day basis for many reasons but mostly as it's just something I've learned to have to accept about myself, there's strictly speaking no 'cure' as it's effectively a set of disordered personality traits glued together with a high emotional range. So it's mostly been about just managing symptoms day by day.

One question I'd have is how would you describe BPD to people? I have a lot of trouble getting this one across and have family I've tried to explain it to who unfortunately still deny it's even a real thing despite psychiatric diagnosis.

Also how do you deal with staying focused? I find my mind wanders all over the place with the disorder so it's hard to stick to any particular task which extends out to jumping between projects..jobs etc.

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No puns? Urine trouble!

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When you got the diagnosis did you respond dead pan 'You've got to be kidneying me.'?

If not what puns did you make?

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I think that's a good description that touches on a lot of points that make BPD what it is although my struggle is really explaining it to people who have very little understanding of mental health disorders in general where terms like bi-polar, compensatory mechanisms and mania would go over their heads, like family members for example.