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This is probably one of the snarkiest AMAs I've ever read, and I love it. I'm surprised it's not more popular right now, especially since Sarah is the biggest celebrity AMA we've had since the whole Victoria situation over the summer.

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Having a good variety of competitive and uncompetitive teams makes more drama I guess. Also, they might not know how competitive a team really is when they get into the race.

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The way I understood it is that God gave us the right of free will, so we can choose to do good or bad. He doesn't want us to love him because we are forced to. Some people choose to use that free will for bad, and that is why many bad things happen. I believe that God CAN control it, but doesn't.

So my question is, is your belief a personal one or one consistent with methodists? I'm an evangelical, but technically my church doesn't belong to any particular sect and I don't have that much knowledge about their beliefs.