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Great. One question I have about what to explain to my 6 yo about sex is whether or not to talk about the pleasurability of it. We talk frequently about the biology aside from that. Not sure if he's ready for that aspect yet.

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Actually, there are many sets of parameters that lead to 0. And that's just if you use the 7 parameters listed on wikipedia. In reality any number of additional hurdles to life forming exist, and the number of parameters is as important as the values of those parameters if not more so. In all likelihood. f_1 depends on a number of factors that is difficult to quantify. The final answer shrinks exponentially with the number of these factors.

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I really like this question. Are there any? I think at that age, it helps to have an outside source confirming any information given from a parent. Unfortunately, so much of the internet is porn. I'm not against porn at all, but it's not a good source of information about sex.

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Good question!

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Can you give a more detailed timeline as to what concepts should be understood by children at what ages? (I realize it's not one-size-fits-all)

In particular, I want to know about some of the more advanced and sticky concepts like porn, rape/consent, partner communication, birth control, foreplay, how young adults should handle friendships/relationships with those that have different viewpoints about sex. (but more too if you are inspired)