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How much do you think your sense of humor helps the rough spots?

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Everyone has a day where more goes wrong than right. But I agree, where you are it's hard to have a bad BAD day. I spend a week in the Adirondack Mountains every year and it's hard to have a bad surrounded by that much natural beauty. But the day the starter broke off my boat in the middle of the lake.....

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How is the medical care on the Rez? Do People on the rez hate and distrust the government? Who in your opinion do most Natives want for president, or do they give a shit? In NY near where I am from the Rez was used to smuggle drugs and guns across the border, how prevalent is crime other than personal use of drugs on your reservation? I know its a lot of questions I am just so curious about life on the reservation.

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Nick- You are one of the funniest guys I've ever heard. When I am having the most shitty day ever, which this summer were many, your "who the fuck farted?" bit make me laugh out loud every time. Thank you for adding a little laughter to my dark days. Grandma's boy II?