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I really like Glory Hallelujah as a song. I also really like singing along at gigs - it gives me a comparable high/buzz to when I'm really into it singing in Latin about death on Good Friday at church or like...a really good worship hymn that doesn't make me cringe while I'm singing it.

I have discovered that I can't sing along to Glory Hallelujah. At all. I open my mouth and nothing comes out. I think my brain short-circuits at the paradox.

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After listening to your new album, I realised that it was more epic than the Pacific Rim soundtrack and will be using it to soundtrack my punching of giant monsters with giant robots.

Having said that, which do you prefer, giant monsters or giant robots?

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Why are the candidates for local council elections in my area so RUBBISH about putting information online about what they stand for? Why do they think I want a leaflet that tells me that they have a dog and like hockey?

Not that I'm bitter about it.

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His eyebrows though, they're so matchy matchy with the hair

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Who is your favourite MP based entirely on dress sense and why?