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HEY! I receive awful and disturbing comments on youtube clips, too! We have so much in common!

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Which Bunhead do you think Dan Fienberg is most like? I think he's a Sasha. Would you consider yourself a Boo?

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I really appreciate the way you elaborate on your answers and tell good stories. Storytellers like you make for really interesting AMAs even when I'm not familiar with the subject to begin with. Thanks!

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On the US version of the show, it seems like you miss some culture questions that would be fairly simple for US citizens. I guess I'm remembering one question about Baskin-Robbins and one question about baseball stadiums. My question is how do you go about studying or preparing for these sorts of US-specific questions be they about culture or local geography or other things you wouldn't necessarily be as exposed to across the pond?

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There are acoustic versions of both E2E and BLAM. They're good!