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Is a porta-potty a good way to slide down a mountain?

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Fafa is a Groundhog. What is Mario?

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As soon as I saw the sketches on the Kickstarter page the first thing that came into my mind were some German kids' books (Struwwelpeter, Heinzelmännchen and many others I can't remember right now) I used to receive as gifts from my relatives in Germany (Grew up in Brazil). They had this style I can't really describe, but Boulet's style reminds me a lot of those books. Does this style have a name? Is it inspired by those kind of books?

Seeing the current success of the campaign. Are you already planning on a sequel or even a series?

Thank you both for the Book! I knew the moment you posted the KS link on SMBC that I had to be part of this and helped the way I could. I just wish I could get one with the Cloth Cover later on.

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Congratulations on the success!
Now that you flew by Pluto. What is the next task for New Horizons?

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Fantastic! Can't wait to get it.

Thanks again, Zach!