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You should contact the ABC and get an Australian Story done about you. I would watch it in a heartbeat.

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Do you think that DRM as a whole (and a failure to find a better way of handling things) is going to impact the software industry in the same way it did to the music industry?

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Last week I watched a Chess commentary video (ChessNetwork) - I really enjoyed it and realised how much I've always loved chess as a kid. Ever since I've been doing everything I can do get better at chess. I'm taking the fact that you posted this AMA as a sign I should keep playing despite how terrible I am.

What's the best opening for a new player who doesn't want to play very aggresive / is terrible against players who aren't less than 500?

I'm usually just trying to put pieces under pressure without putting mine in danger but when I play better players they just absolutely dominate me (this is playing on live.chess.com). Should I not be playing 5/3 minute games starting out?

Best tips on how to get better?