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My significant other recently confessed to having a foot fetish. I’m not necessarily against the idea, but I’m a little freaked out. Is this normal? If I decide to try it, what does that even involve?

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So I'm not the only one seeing this? Totally weirded me out because I was just looking at the OK GO AMA, which is what this is in reference to. The videos definitely make me like the songs more.

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Not sure if the talk of open relationship came before or after the issues. If the issues came after the talk of open relationship, maybe she wants the kind of relationship women are conditioned to desire in our culture and through media/pop culture... lifelong monogamy/being with "the one". An open relationship might lead her to think that you're not The One, or that you don't think she's The One, which could kill off romance. Romance is sometimes a necessity for women to move onto sex. She might've tried someone else out of desperation for connection and found it wanting.