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You only truly fail when you quit. Failing, getting up, trying it again, that's not failure. That's the process everyone goes through when learning/attempting ANYTHING. Failing and trying again is part of everyone's path to success, it's not a bad thing, it's REQUIRED. The difference between trying something, failing, and never trying it again is vastly different then the person who tries something, fails, tries it again, again, 100 times. That's not failure times 100, that's called learning, growing, getting better.

Like you said, if you go stand in the snow, you won't last long the first time. No one will. But the next time you do it, gee you're better at it, feel more comfortable, don't panic as quick, which is not possible without "failing" the first time. We learn from experience.

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That’s the problem with big companies. You just can’t go fix it. You need to whore yourself on social media to collect frowns. Because you can’t be trusted to know what to work on, only the frowns speak the truth. It’s hilarious.

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About a $1000. Hahahahdhidtfkfgyujb. In America, with insurance, no way all that would get covered. It would be in the millions and you’d likely declare bankruptcy and likely not get all that work done. We fought with the UK in 2 world wars. We won. But our allies got universal healthcare (Canada UK France Germany) yet we didn’t. Lolll. It’s MIND BLOWING.

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I was interested in your book, but your failure to even remotely grasp what compelling means scares me. Pushing your body to the limit, passing out, maybe you're dead? Maybe you're alive? Maybe you've had an aneurysm? Maybe you've lost huge chunks of your memory? Then suddenly you're twitching, coming back to life, maybe you're not dead! Obviously you dying on a live youtube steam would be the most compelling but I'd settle for passing out.

Now that I've written a rough script of your death on stream, I'm back to being interested in your book. No thanks to you though. But thanks for doing the AMA it's been interesting.

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Why don’t you touch up the ceiling with some white paint?