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Hi Hugh, I had never heard of you or Wool. I found Wool through Amazon.com's recommendations about 6-8 months ago. I imagine word of mouth and recommendations from Amazon.com really help explosive growth happen and was wondering what initial marketing did you do to get to that point. Do you credit any one or two things with the book taking off? BTW - I loved Wool. So did my wife and friend that I pushed the book to. Thanks and best of luck with all your upcoming projects.

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Great article. It explains so many decisions within the car industry that I just didn't understand. Perhaps its time to get rid of CAFE?

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I never realized it, but you are actually really similar to my father. Warm, loving, inappropriate, and clever. Do you evaluate dictionaries based on if they have the word smegma? If so, you and Rick are going to need to meet. Cheers to you Bob.