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So since I stumbled on this thread maybe you can offer some insight. I found myself owning rollers after I rescued one that was hanging around my house for over a month before winter, got it a mate and after some time here now have 6.

Anyway, I don't let them fly because when I was new to it all I did but there are many hawks nested nearby in a swamp that attacked them several times. Usually I only had a single bird out at a time due to one on eggs and they spent most of their time sitting on the roof so they were sitting ducks.

They have a rather large space to fly during summer in their aviary but winter I move them to a bit smaller and more protected area.

Should I be flying them, are they smart enough that they are longing to get out? Will they even have the strength or response time needed to survive if I did allow them to fly?

I haven't really found very much info about rollers in captivity and appreciate any thoughts you may have. They're more so pets than a hobby.