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How much does it cost to rent long-standing, High karma accounts, to toss yourself softball questions in an AMA, to promote your business?

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Are you a licensed attorney? Do you ever get into the position of being concerned that you might be an unlicensed practitioner of law?

Not being an asshole, this is a serious question. In my business I also get close to this line. I wonder how you manage it.

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I just got back from a visit there -Steubenville Weirton West Virginia Toronto Ohio, that area.

Frankly, it's astonishing. It feels like the land that time forgot. It's an economic poverty trap.

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I've had it on and off throughout my life. It can be frightening, no matter how much your waking mind knows that there's no danger

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I was so scared by it when I first experienced it (as a teenager) that I got on the bus to the nearest library and read and read until I found out more about it.

Before the internet obvs lol