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heir2slytherin3 karma

I have learned fundamentals of Python from a video tutorial of CODE WITH MOSH. Now I want to work on some real project. From where can I start. Ultimately I want to get in deep into the area of ML. What are your suggestions on this ?

heir2slytherin1 karma

I want to make web applications. Since I have a bachelor's degree in Mechanical engineering. Si there are lots if stuffs which could be simplified by using programming like calculating a total surface area required to dissipate a given amount of heat or calculation of min. airflow to keep an equipment under it's working condition. So basically it's all just bunch of formulas. I want to save engineers from doing all these hand calculation and I want to develop these calculators as a web application which will take some inputs from user in the form of numbers and some in the form of property (like they enter air temperature 50 Celsius, based on that my app should be able to get all the air property at 59 Celsius from the internet). I hope I was able to explain what I am trying to do.

heir2slytherin1 karma

Great then. This API thing is new to me. Will have to do some research on this one. Just one last question: Can u suggest me an online course or any documentation which I should go through before I deep down into this project. I just want to make sure that I'm well versed with all the tools that will be necessary in developing an app like this.