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Lynn Hill!! I am an 18 year old climber and whitewater kayaker currently studying outdoor recreation, parks, and tourism in university. My jaw dropped when I saw you were doing an AMA and I really hope you're coming back to this today! As a young female with an interest for extreme sports, female role models who take chances and set examples by being adventurous and breaking gender barriers by participating in male-dominated sport are so important to me. You are hands down my main inspiration when it comes to all things outdoors, considering all you have accomplished. I recently became inspired by you after watching Valley Uprising and reading "Climbing Free". I am a similar size to you, and am amazed by what you have achieved in your years of climbing. I think of you often when struggling with a climb designed for taller people, or when I am the only female in a group going climbing. I cannot thank you enough for being such an inspiration to me. If you ever felt discouraged or nervous as a small, female rock climber, is there something you would tell yourself? Any words of wisdom for a young female who wants to inspire other girls to push their limits and break gender barriers in extreme sport?