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heels-and-the-hearse16 karma

Just popping in to make sure everyone knows that humans and pets are not cremated in the same retort. That’s illegal. Not saying that’s what you stated but just don’t want others to be confused.

heels-and-the-hearse1 karma

Because cross contamination and laws. Every funeral home would be out of business if you received Fido’s cremated remains and not Grandma’s. It’s just the law. At my funeral home the pet crematory and the human crematory can’t even be located in the same building per the state law.

heels-and-the-hearse1 karma

On top of it being just because it’s the law, pet and human retorts ( the actual machine that does the cremation) are just built and treated differently. Take for example, you can cremates multiple pets in one retort but only one human can be cremated at a time. The death care industry is a very sue happy industry we have to cover our ass every step of the way if we want to keep our businesses. I digress, it’s not something I’m willing to lose both my professional funeral director and embalming license to save a few bucks by cutting corners.