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Some coworkers and I were talking about Disney as our CEO was taking his family there. Sometimes you remember things as a kid. I said "Oh you have to go on the haunted mansion ride. The floor slowly rises up and scary things pop out of the walls and then the light goes on and one of you is a plant and they pull them out on a stretcher!"

Everyone stared at me. Then it clicked. When I was a kid, I had watched a man have a heart attack in the haunted mansion ride.

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At an Against Me! show in Toronto years ago, some kid wanted you to play Burn but was told "We don't play it anymore, if you really want to know why meet me by the bar and I'll grab you a drink and tell you."

I always wondered why, so... why? (If it's not something that really needs to be aired in front of the whole internet, that's cool too. I'm just curious.)

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Al Worden was the record for furthest spacewalk from Earth (and performed the first deep space eva of the Apollo program). The first American to perform a spacewalk was Ed White.

It was a Cosmonaut, Alexey Leonov that performed the first spacewalk ever.

I'm very bummed I missed the AMA. (You ought to read his book, Falling To Earth.)

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How did IT change from when you first got into it, and what made you finally make the jump to a more rewarding career?

(I'm 10 years in and every day feels like they're trying to constructively dismiss me.)

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Have you undergone IPSC training?