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Do you feel remorse for your actions? If so do you feel this because of what your actions cost you or because of what your actions may have cost your victim? Neither/both?

Did your victim testify at your trial? If so what was that like for you?

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What are your thoughts on children being given hormone blockers and identifying as trans?

Do you think that having an eating disorder or a history of trauma/sexual abuse or ASD diagnosis could falsely contribute to vulnerable children thinking they need to change their body with drugs/surgery?

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I wasn’t asking you. There’s also a lot of false information about drugs being “reversible” just because you can stop them a resume puberty doesn’t mean that we won’t find out down the road that they’re damaging.

Do we know that messing with a child’s hormones or that delaying their puberty for anything other than a medical condition is safe? How do we know this? Your body is not a blank slate you can customize. We find out all the time that drugs and hormones that were considered safe are not as safe as we once thought. I was recently told a medication I’m on is being researched as having a link to a type of cancer and when I began it it was sold as being something of a miracle and totally safe because there wasn’t any evidence otherwise.

How do we know that parents and kids are able to accurately describe these symptoms? How do we know that a child doesn’t have dysphoria that came as the result of something else? An eating disorder or a history of trauma, or another co occurring diagnosis? Victims of sexual assault will often feel that changing their appearance can protect them from being desirable to their attacker. How do we know that it’s hard to get puberty blockers? In the United States especially we have a history of over medicating people. How often do parents exaggerate the symptoms of their “hyper” child to push for an ADHD diagnosis so they can have a more manageable child that, in reality, may be displaying age appropriate behavior? Of course ADHD is real but how often are kids falsely diagnosed with things based on a narrative a parent pushes for a variety of reasons? I’ve seen this happen. And once again I didn’t ask you I asked the therapists.