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Hi! I had no idea Alex was so involved in congress and politics. I listen to Edward Sharpe all the time, and think the messages of the music should be shared with everyone! What you guys are doing together is great, and is headed in a wonderful direction, especially with the continuous rise of digital age. I am a UX designer that works closely with hackers and developers, and often think about ways to help the public become more involved in congress and politics, because often i find it difficult to understand our government system myself. There is so much opportunity for a more informed society with the majority of the population having mobile devices, yet there seems to be a lack of business dedicated to this. How plausible do you think an app like this could become as mainstream as using Uber or Facebook? Also, do you think that if this app continues to catch on, could it lead to the government implementing a more accessible digital voting or polling system, and in return, being able to feel closer to our representatives?

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I'll have to check into that guys, thanks! Any other cool projects you've worked on Alex? How do you accomplish so much greatness in your interests?

heatherwally1 karma

I agree with everything you've said here. I'd certainly be interested in pursuing some of these solutions with you... You may be hearing from me in the upcoming days!