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Oh my fuck! I thought it was the first guy! I was already laughing when the second guy chimed in and I lost my shit! Amazeballs!

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With the recent death in Wales (BBC Video) of someone from Measles and the rapidly growing numbers of people affected there; what would be your advice to the British government on how to best combat the lingering mistrust of the vaccination process?

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Hi Sam, love your work. You mention not having social media accounts in your opening. Is that a conscious decision on your part, or just a symptom of your disinterest in them? If the former could you share some of the reasons you choose to avoid it?

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Your laptop seems to be missing a key, what's the story (and feel free to make it fictional!) there?

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Hi John,

Thank you for your magnificent work over the years. Forbidden City is my favourite novel, based around the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. It talks in the first person of what it was like reporting on events during that time and was a key influence in my visit China, in my 20s.

Could you talk about your time during the conflict and what it was like to report on such a thing, knowing your material couldn't be wirelessly beamed home but would have to be smuggled out in your underwear, or some other such fearfully dangerous way.

Thanks again,

-Link to the book : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ForbiddenCity(novel)