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heartattackama261 karma

i encourage you to get your heart checked. it can be expensive but can save your life. the mortality level of my problem is very high and i am so lucky to have survived. most people die on the way to the hospital or in surgery. i encourage you and everyone to check their hearts.

heartattackama219 karma

you also get this overwhelming feeling of impending doom, like you know that you are dying for some reason.

heartattackama114 karma

not during the heart attack but during my recovery i shit myself a couple of different times, maybe even three times. not ashamed to admit that haha.

heartattackama102 karma

sort of like there is an elephant sitting on your chest. my arms were restless and hurt when i stopped moving them. i had paint radiating into my jaw and throat and the back of my head. it's the most uncomfortable possible feeling.

heartattackama102 karma

i began having the heart attack at about 2pm saturday afternoon and went into surgery about 10pm. it lasted eight hours because that's how long it took for me to get into surgery, it was not going to stop on its own unless i died.