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I always wondered if he comes up with those bullshit southernisms ahead of time or if he records them after.

I lived in the south, and people are witty and amazing, but he seems more forced than charming.

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Not making fun, I'd love to hear this story!

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I was at the Alamo Drafthouse that recently opened in KC for a Quote-a-long of Elf. During said screening, I had to write a note because the girls next to us were talking loudly and texting and being obnoxious. When the manager came to talk to them, they denied wrongdoing and asked who complained. He quickly pointed me out and the rest of the movie was spent dealing with them literally screaming any quote that came onscreen, throwing food on the floor and kicking it toward us, etc. We didn't leave simply because we were in the middle of the center row, and didn't want to disturb anyone else. So my question is this-how is the training handled for the "managers" who will be kicking out patrons, and how do you stop these types of situations from happening? Clearly the manager wasn't comfortable with confrontation. It made me not want to go back. I did complain, on their Facebook page, and they apologized, but I haven't been back to a Quote-a-long since because it's easier to cover up your obnoxious behaviors when everyone is supposed to be yelling and singing and interacting. Anyhow, I know my post is long and I'm a lurker, so I probably won't be responded to, but it feels good to get it out there.

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This right here. I won't speak for my husband, who absolutely needs opiates in order to control the chronic pain that comes from severely active and so far untreatable Crohn's disease.

For myself, someone that has severe Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, severe enough that I have scar tissue covering my misshapen and spongy uterus. I also had scar tissue so tremendous that it caused adhesions to my ovaries, mostly on the right, where it was crushed to half its size and so covered in adhesions that eggs could not drop appropriately, and so was constantly having spastic contracting. Your ovaries are not supposed to contract, ever.

My uterus also contracts like crazy. I have contractions near my period that I, who has had stitches for cutting my knee so open I could see bone, nearly cut my toe completely off, and gave birth in 3 pushes and felt nothing, my period is like an 11. My body treats periods as a pregnancy, and I dilate and contract, every single time. If I didn't have painkillers, I would die. The pain is so intense, it makes me want to cut myself open. Opiates are an absolute necessity for me, but I was called a drug seeker, an addict, etc, at various ERs. I finally have a doctor and gyno that agree this needs to be taken seriously, and with opiates, and my life has gotten much easier. However, I had to sign a contract, etc. It took me 14 years and 5 failed pregnancies before I found someone that would believe me and run the appropriate tests and have exploratory surgery to visualize the issue. Addicts are addicts, sure, but that's nothing else that will help me besides removing the whole thing, and even that is hard to get done. So I resent the whole "no one needs them long term" crap. That's why I was refused them for so long.

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Ok, I'm absolutely in love with these powdered doughnuts that ate filled. They're Vanilla and Chocolate Kreme (2 separate doughnuts), and they're on the menu but they literally never them at my DD- they only ever have the Boston Cream Pie ones and the Yellow Bismarck. Are they an unpopular doughnut? Should I try another DD?