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I loved Where the Mountain Meets the Moon! I'm excited to read Grace Lin's newest, Starry River of the Sky.

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Thanks for doing an ama!

In my community in Pennsylvania there's a lot of recent news coverage of #annasbirthdaywish, trying to get Charlotte's Web for a local 11yo who has Dravet's.

How did you learn what strains of cannabis to use, & how to process them into the coconut oil for your child's use?

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I've been reading you since Chuck s2. Thanks for your open support there!

Was wondering: 1) What's it like moderating a panel, like Chuck at Comic-Con? How do you prep? How much have you prepped that you simply didn't get to?
2) How you do you decide what gets a summer rewatch? Do you reread your old reviews prior to writing your rewatch entry?

Also, just FYI that I would appreciate your passing along to your tech gurus at HitFix, I have had such problems with HitFix's video player -- on mobile (I use a tablet) it shows up as a 2"x3" block, and once you start playing it, the video image is literally the size of a postage stamp and can't be thrown to fullscreen.

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Well, not the current mayor. But I bet the former mayor would have found museum $ for a project like that.

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Why did you and your doctor choose to put you on 3x/week dialysis instead of continuous? How has your experience changed over the four years, in terms of "get used to", medical changes/advances, declination of your kidneys?