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It should also be noted, that we found out AFTER the announcement went out to media, so shoppers were telling us before we were told officially via a huddle. ON the sales floor, and then were asked to go back to work.

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In my personal opinion, they came in too strong. Spending an absurd amount of money renovating existing retail locations and opening 124 stores in 1 year. In my city alone, we had 6 stores in less than a 40 kilometers route.

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It was great. I think a lot of it had to do with the team that we had in place. There was a monthly budget for fun things to do with the team. Always a hot chocolate day, or magazine day...little things that I had never experienced before in other places of employment

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Actually, the dumbest thing is happening right now. People are coming in to our store and shopping...like FILLING their carts with stuff. a) where were you for the last two years b) these are our regular sales...not liquidation sales. So you're not getting any better deal than you would have had the announcement not been made.

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I think it could have been. But there were so many missteps from the get-go. People here wanted other options than Wal-Mart. That being said, too many people expected it to be another Wal-Mart cost-wise.