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I find your experiment fascinating as someone who is currently experiencing a faith transition away from the mormon church. Can you be specific about your motivations for doing this? Was it to investigate religious bigotry? A search for answers that religion failed to provide? What?

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Yeah I read that in the article, interesting how being on the receiving end of other's scorn increases our empathy no?

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I can't tell you how long I've struggled with that question. Its a hell of thing to work your way through and can be incredibly frustrating and liberating. Thanks again. Lastly, if you're interested in a good read, I recommend "Leaving Alexandria" by Richard Holloway. He mentions in the book that the Church is wrong in how it handles sex and sexuality...great book. I'll go get yours now.

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I don't mean to post more than my fair share so I understand if you aren't interested in answering more questions from me. I teach art at a big state university where obviously many of the students are gay. They are awesome, creative people that I proudly called my friends even when I believed in conservative religious dogma.

What is the most surprising change you have noticed in yourself since your experiment? What was the most surprising or meaningful thing you learned about gay people?