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hchang6413 karma

Hey Tim! I wanted to ask you for your thoughts on productivity toward physical activity and physical based skills. I am a dancer, and I understand that you are too! I have a three month goal to compete internationally and so constant practice is essential. But on top of working out and learning another dance style as well (all in which I want to improve), the more I try to do it all at once, the more mentally fatigued I am. I try to set aside a large chunk of time each day (I tell myself 2 hours of this style, and 2 hours of another style immediately after) so that it would cut down interruption time and be more productive than having smaller sessions throughout the day. I understand that you danced tango for 6 hours a day, so do you have any tricks and insight on how to get over mental fatigue due to repetition and stay effective during practice? Thanks in advance!