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How do you feel about a higher proportion of rich kids being identified as "gifted" only because their parents can buy test prep?

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How do you feel about the Prime Minister of Malaysia?

Edit: I mean the claymation dude.

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It ended well in her case. Be furious about the other patients this has happened to, where they didn't figure it out in time.

(Edit: typo.)

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8+ hours later, you were still replying to things.... Get out while you still can!

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The RIAA has conducted about 26,000 lawsuits, and there are more than 15 million music downloaders. Mark Mulligan of Jupiter Research said it best: "If you're a file sharer, you know that the likelihood of you being caught is very similar to that of being hit by an asteroid."

So... 1 in 577 people get hit by an asteroid? Or were a lot of those lawsuits against the same few people?