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To me one of the most fascinating things about things like the Eocene polar environment would be how familiar, and yet oddly alien they would be.

For example, with lush forests growing on the Arctic islands, inhabited by flying lemurs and tapirs, the region still would have been above the Arctic circle and in total darkness for months of the year.

How do you think the plants and animals dealt with this tropical Arctic long night? Did they hibernate? Did the plants go dormant while animals survived on cached reserves?

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Why do people seem to have no problem eating crabs, lobsters or crayfish, but draw the line at crickets or giant water bugs?

I've even had people refuse to try something made with cricket flour, but they have no problem with bee barf (honey). And if you really think about where milk comes from, being squeamish about any other food doesn't make a lot of sense.

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How many people assume your last name is Coin, and that you've spelled it incorrectly? What's the most interesting incorrect version of your name that you've seen?