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hawkeye186 karma

Does it make you happy that I, an avionics technician working E-2s, will receive more radiation in an average day than you will all year, yet you are the one wearing a TLD? lol

/hello from the aviation side - was ship's company on a CVN for four years, and did my fair share of time on 1F!

hawkeye183 karma

It is fun working on them. I worked in AIMD when I was on a carrier (I'm an AT) and I got to peer through the little periscope into the... uh... pressure vessel room? Idunno what the technical name for it is, but it was bad-ass.

And I managed to shoot an S-3 Viking radar transmitter right into my gut once - 150Kw at about 6" distance! If I had a TLD, the fucker would've melted... lol

I have cancer