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hatrackhotel2 karma

Hello, I'm interested in the financial aspect of your mission. You say on your website that you have predicted the mission to be about one thousand times as expensive as the amount you raised in your Kickstarter (some 700 million compared to about 700 thousand).

Your website states that "Lunar Mission One can expect funding support from government, from local to national", but as we all know getting government funding can be very hard. I know you have a relationship with Astrobotic, but there have been many failed (or even malicious) attempts (see: Mars One) that have been just as popular and then fizzled out.

I suppose my questions are, for the skeptic- how are you funding this all, exactly? How did you make 700 million easy to obtain? How do you feel about other sort of "independent" projects like this that have failed, and how do you plan on setting yourselves apart?

hatrackhotel2 karma

Aren't you afraid that this will look like you're taking money from people in the "now" because your prospective goal is so far in the future that maybe they will have forgot by then? How can you guarantee a result to these people, other than with marketing jargon?