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How has taken HRT changed the way you feel about your penis psychologically? And did you notice any changes physiologically as well?

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What is it like working with your wife and how do you both manage professional disagreements?

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But I think what really has meant the most to me are the friends I made in college in who I am still close with, who are smart and solid people and have kept me stable even though I really am not so stable.

I, surprisingly, found your response to be very touching. I was expecting you to name drop a bunch of intellectuals, as you have done in some of the writing I've read from you. Instead, you chose to associate your fondest memories with the people you've kept closest to you.

And thank you for your response about your favorite music as well. I remember reading that you were obsessed with Bruce growing up. If you are willing to answer one more question, what were some of the best concerts you've been to and why were they so special to you? I know that early in your career you used to review concerts.

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What happened to Portia De Rossi's face? Please tell me it was makeup that looked like she had work down, in order to make some of the jokes work (e.g. Lindsey turning into her mom, the check given to Maeby).

I also saw your dad give a lecture at UVa a few months back on poetry and healing. Were you surrounded by poetry growing up? What are some of your favorite poets? And how good is your Urdu?