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Wow, now that's just sad.

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As someone from a non tipping country. What do you think is normal in tips. And what would be insulting ?

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Hey. Cool idea for an AMA!

To what extent do you use TOR yourself?

What kind of servers do you use ? Looks like they are on the same AS number.

What do you think about the future, will you keep running and be forced to let them go?

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Once I leave the university, I'll still be able to monitor/control the machine remotely and handle abuse complaints, but I'll hand physical control over to someone else.

How is this possible, are they sponsored by the university? Or do you have friends who will stay there longer?

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So is whistleblowing OK if its illegal in the country they publish from? Or accessing porn banned in the country (Not talking about children but like the silly rules the got in Australia)

I know its quite a stretch from a drugs market, but how far do you find it OK and willing to relay it (even tho its not like you could filter it)