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Thanks for the AMA Dr. Walker! You served on my master’s committee (recently - Kissimmee River) and I took your Environmental Catastrophes course a few years ago. I remember during this course we discussed beef production and the Amazon/Brazil.

Can you speak to how American beef (and chicken, even from right here in north Florida) reaches Brazil? I can’t remember details, but remember discussing that nearly all of our beef is somehow shipped to and produced in Brazil, after being raised in the US. How is this practice also negatively impacting the Amazon and how can Americans be proactive in demanding this ends (this is particularly for those who refuse to limit their meat consumption)?

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Where are there hot springs in Florida? I know of Warm Mineral Springs but they get alligators there for sure (the temp is constantly 87 degrees so it’s not exactly hot). Most of our springs are 72 degrees year round. Curious to know if there are actual hot springs in Florida.