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Am woman, almost 60, ended up looking more like my father. Except I got her shortness along with his fatness. Not a win.

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They're probably saving them until they find another 1/4.

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Well sure, even if it were brand new, they're smarter than the Poltergeist family!

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Hey it sucks to have to be alone for Christmas but it's a special time for sharing germs with folks from all over the country so yeah, this would be a good year for you to skip the cold and flu season. Hopefully your kidney will be happy in its new home and next year you'll be sniffling and coughing along with the rest of us. Don't rush to go home, it will feel even lonelier there. Also, if anything seems a little off be sure you know what it is and how to take care of it on your own. Don't let the nurses just do stuff without teaching you how to do it. Especially since you can't call a friend to help. The good ones will be happy to train you. Congratulations on your new lease on life! I'm glad your brother was able to help you out! But wait, if you're Tomten and stuck alone in the hospital, will how will we save Christmas?!?

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A lot of theaters make an effort for the audience spaces but nothing for the stage itself to be accessible in a wheelchair. Especially in school theaters that may be used for an awards ceremony, it's important for the person to be able to come up on stage with the rest of the winners. Not to mention having an equal chance to be in the school play, or graduate with their peers, without being put in danger or waiting awkwardly around because the lift is broken again or nobody has the keys. Ramping is much more reliable and can be integrated into the design.