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FYI folks: the veil predates Islam, and was in fact worn in non-Islamic countries around the world including Venice (where a double-veil was worn) and to this day in many Catholic countries, women who enter churches cover their hair. The whole Jewish Orthodox practice of women shaving their hair and wearing wigs too... Historically, btw, the higher status the women had, the more covered up they were.

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Beause this discussion is limited to the hijab, rather than the basic idea of religions in general. If it was the latter you'd see the same reaction

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Ummm...there are no countries in the Mideast or North Africa which I am aware of, where people are not entirely free to get a visa and move to Europe or the US if they want. For example, people in Iran are perfectly free to leave if they want, as many have done. There's no need tp "escape".

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shrug go complain to the Iranians who were polled. I'm pretty sure that while they too object to human rights abuses, they will tell you that these abuses are no better or worse for many other countries which are US allies and BFFs...especially when you consider the fact that the US was complicit in some of the worst atrocities carried out against Iranians and others in the region.


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Show us the scar in the back of your head!