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If you do find someone as a result of this post, please be very careful. You have already put a lot of details out there, which means people who AREN'T the real recipient could try and pull one over on you.

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For the Unenlightened folks downvoting this post: Most ama posts (not by celebrities) end up attracting other experts in the same field. And they give their perspective too. It is a good thing.

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Not OP but I teach tech to kids. The easiest way to start is by doing tech for school and volunteering at local community theatres. If she’s into a particular sub-field (stage management, lighting, sound, scenic...) there are several good intro textbooks that even the pros still use as reference. If she doesn’t know what she likes yet, just going along to a load in and joining backstage run crew will give a taste. But if she’s interested she has probably done that already! Tech directors are a great resource for beginners because they know a lot about all areas.

Practice with tools and make sure she is able to keep her cool when things go very wrong. If she can’t do that, then tech isn’t for her!

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There are people who would lavish money and other things on a person they thought was walking around with a deceased loved one's heart inside. So if you TELL them you are the person who received that heart, you can milk them. It is awful.

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I suspect you encounter many of the same issues comic book writers have over the years. How to describe dramatic sounds but not use inappropriate words. What is your favourite onomatopoeia?